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Photo by: Sarah Caldwell

Hey there, 

      I am so glad you could make it to!


     This is where you can take a deeper look into my passion and how I can                               create an experience all about YOU!


  Since 2018 I have been creating and building my skills, starting off with earning my cosmetology license with Paul Mitchell the School in Little Rock! Followed up with also earning my makeup artist certificate in Robert Jones Academy, and a full training in multiple hair extension techniques! 

 This training has allowed me to create a specially curated experience for 46 brides and counting! As a BOTB Bride I love meeting you before the big day having one on one time to discuss your dream look, and how I can make it a reality! My process begins at the very beginning to ensure a long lasting and timeless look. We plan out from what you need in your skincare routine to the perfect hairspray to keep your classic hair style well into the night!


  So, let me ask you, what does your dream day look like? If it's to have a classic quality like Audrey Hepburn or an easy elegance like Grace Kelley, then inquire now!

                                                     All the love,


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