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The Darter's

To the Darter's,

You have a love that could move mountains and that is something hard to find these days.

When I first met Faith, I just knew she was going to be a beautiful bride, her character was and is so warm that it matches that fire in her hair. She kind of reminds you of the feeling you get when your mom hugs you, there is something so peaceful about her presence. Naturally though she is not a meek spirited person, she is vibrant and beautiful, she can bring a real smile to your face!

Our first encounter was for her bridal trial, and I am so glad that we had one, I was able to have a bit of her sunshine with me earlier than just her big day. We decided during her bridal trial we wanted to try something a little more on the classic natural side, with Old Hollywood waves and a mauve to pink tone makeup style. Needless to say, she loved the look, but something just wasn't right..

It was the hair!

Once I saw her wedding venue and the cake, I knew in that moment the hair was just too classic, and too perfectly styled! She knew it too and thus became the new and improved textured look with that still full curl pattern, she looked like a woman ready to be swept off her feet in a romance novel.

See what I mean?

This couple is one of a kind and their hearts have always belonged to the nature around them, I truly felt it was only fair to keep Faith in tune with that part of herself. I ALWAYS tell my bride's I am here to enhance the beauty you already have and what I cover up is the things we truly don't want to see on our wedding day. I want to have you shine through all that I put on you and have you feeling comfortable in your own skin by the end of it, while also still bringing that bridal feel and look.

I think we did just that, Faith was truly shinning on her big day, and I am forever thankful to have known this lovely bride! A huge congratulations to the Darter's may you have many years of excitement, adventure, and love!


Photographer- @Saratokiphotography on Instagram

Venue- @TheBarnatSleepyHollow on Facebook

Wedding Gown- @Somethingbluebridalboutique on Instagram

Florals- Can you believe all directed by her mother??

All the love,

Kaitlyn (Beauty on the Block)

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