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The Luthers

To the Luthers,

A sweet and intimate wedding for these two was fitting to their characther.

With the soft waves lapping against the dock they said their teary eyed " I do's" not once noticing as it started to rain. Their love was displayed proudly as their friends and family gatehered aaround them, as tears kept flowing the mascara rang true.

Once the intimate ceremony finished they danced and celebrate until midnight to RING in the New Year as one. My sweet bride Raina reached out to me the next day and as I congragulated her she sang my praises for a job well done, feeling overwhelmed with a sense of love and greatfullness.

To this day I message my one and only Cinderella bride and as I watch her family grow I continue to say thank you.

Thank you for the kindness, the friendship, and the love.

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