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Lakeside Lovers

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

Photo by: Caitlyn Okerlund, Okerlundphotoandfilm

A soft breeze, the mist hanging in the air and a sunrise to take any couple's breath away. Truly this place had the word otherworldly as its definition and the name lived up to it as well " Devil's Lake."

However, for such an opportunity as this I took it upon myself to give it a new name, any guesses? Say hello to Lover's Lake a perfect place to elope and have an intimate vow exchange that could rival the sunrise.

With a 5am wakeup call and a chance to do hair and makeup in the back of a car we couldn't help but accept the challenge of the Lakeside Lover's. Truly though when you look at the photo's we received you would never believe the odds that were stacked against us as artists!

Here is a PEAK into our setup, just don't mind the background noise!

Now I know it looks like a crazy setup but truly the result's that came out of this was breathtaking. Even with one little ring light and the sun still asleep we brought on a glam that would rival the rising sun, and I couldn't have been any happier of the look that was created! I think I may work out of the back of my car from now on.. Do you think I could get away with it?

When working with Wilder Roots Retreats they decided they wanted something more dramatic when it came to the eye look but keeping the skin fresh and dewy. So naturally I had to pull out the best in my kit and in my skills for this look, do you see that skin? Dior Backstage Face and Body Foundation really shined through on this makeup; I mean with her already beautiful skin I knew this was going to be the perfect fit! Then finishing it with the Hourglass Translucent Veil Setting Powder gave a softer glow all over while keeping the oil away, with finely milled textured it adds a soft touch effect. Definitely a perfect product to have in your beauty bag!

Is it time for me to stop product talking?

Picture by: Tiana J Photography

If there were ever a better representation of what it's like to see a photographer and MUA work magic together, this would be the ultimate before and after! Do you see the way that the eyeshadow flares out in a more dramatic way in the professional photo? Even looking at how the light contouring really accentuated her cheek bones; you really don't have to have tons of makeup to make an impression. The slight gloss becomes just a beautiful flush on the lips after soaking in giving you soft kissable lips for any true love's kiss!

From lips to cheek, this couple truly showed what true love looks like!

Thank you to Wilder Roots Retreats co-owned and loved by:

Caitlyn Okerlund and Tiana Pack

You really know how to bring on an amazing shoot and cast a vision that others can't quite see. Just to show a little extra bit of this Lover's Lake here is a gallery to let you enjoy every moment and detail just as I did!

Photographers: Okerlundphotoandfilm, Tianajphotography

Florals: Revel Petals

Dress: Raw Golden Rentals

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