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Love by the Sea

Do you know the sound of the waves as they crash against rock? It is a wonderful sound especially one early in the morning as you run along the beach or even just as sunset hits... And you begin taking engagement photos!

Yes, that's right, can't you just see yourself and your love to be? Enjoying the sand between your toes, and the ocean breeze coming in to cool you off? Well, if you need a visual take a look no further than these two love birds, they truly are a treat!

Photo by: Okerlundphotoandfilm Caitlyn Okerlund

Could you imagine this becoming any more of a dreamy moment?

Dancing in the rain as the seagull's circle overhead bringing them a song of their own, there really is nothing like it. The minute all the little details begin to take their course a new atmosphere becomes even more romantic, don't you think?

The sweetest couple I had ever seen, and I wish I had gone down to the beach to capture a more behind the scenes for you and myself. Especially once I received the gallery from Rylan and Scarlett's couples' session, but with an early wakeup call the following day and hours of scenic driving.

Instead, I chose to remain in the rental looking back over everything that day eating the greasiest and cheesiest pizza that we could find, thanks to our newfound friends! (Definitely enjoyed every bite of it too)

That doesn't mean that I didn't get some behind the scenes for you though, you remember our lovers' lake setup, let's just say that setup stuck the entire time!

I honestly couldn't have had a better set up, with the sun coming in from behind me it proved to work better than any ring light I could have used. Not to mention the cool salty air bringing joy to my California heart! I remember this being my second model of the day and all I could think is... How perfect? To have a moment in my life like this, meeting new people, and sharing my art process with them. In that moment there was nothing better!

A picture-perfect moment such as this had to be shared, and I am forever grateful that I had a small part in it. To have met and created memories with strangers, I would have to say I would do it over and over again, wouldn't you?

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