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The Modern Marilyn


As soon as I had come across Jazmin's mood board, I just knew I had to insert myself into this project!

It was just there sitting her Instagram stories, calling to me, saying " If you don't someone else will...".

So, I reached out, it hadn't even posted but a few minutes and I asked, "Do you need Hair and Makeup?"

She replied saying she hadn't even thought about it! I knew this was it, this was my time to shine in my first ever collaboration. One I had found for myself, don' t get me wrong I love when people refer me!

This though.... This was different, this was something that could be just mine.

It sounds selfish even as I type this, but I wanted to have a place in this as just as I needed my coffee in the morning (three-year old's man...)

Ever since I was a little girl, I grew up watching " Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" or even "Breakfast at Tiffany's" they were some of my favorites! So naturally I needed that essence of the bold red lip, the perfectly curled hair, and of course the tease of a lifetime.... The hair that is, teased and ready to withstand everything life threw their way.

As they perfectly contour to each other you can see the glow in her cheeks resembling that of the blush of his plaid breasted suit. Her cathedral veil getting caught in the wind proudly displaying its pearl adornment's; just further adding that timeless detail!

Veil: Tesori Bridal

Standing on the steps of the Capitol in downtown she truly looked classic, as though she were channeling Marilyn herself!

Luckily working with Jazmin, she is always getting those close detail shots that I cannot. However, I did get some after photos and I thought it would be great for you to see Photographer versus MUA.

The light and airy editing style Jazmin has created in these shots has truly brought out that "Natural Flush" that I was going for. As well as allowing her red lip to pop even more so, which helped stay true to the initial vison.

Not only did the light and airy stay true to the vison but just look at these B&W shots she created!

Walking the spiraling stairs of the Capitol Hotel this Modern Marilyn waits patiently to see her love. To once again give herself away to him and he to her, the love between them showing in every shot. Luckily to snag all these shots, every visitor at the Capitol was willing to move out of the way! They even went as far as to move tables in the bar for the perfect shot, how amazing is that?

By the end of this shoot I feel as though @Jazminandradephoto was able to fulfill the dream she had come up with! Every detail coming together working in harmony from the dress to hair and makeup our Modern Marilyn fell even more in love that day.


Downtown Little Rock - The Capitol Hotel


Jazmin Andrade

Dress and Veil:

AW Bridal

Tesori Bridal

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