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The time is here and almost to a close, so I had to be sure to get my last-minute recommendation's out while I still can! The Sephora VIB Sale is in full swing, once again draining the bank account of every makeup lover, and influencer out there... I know I definitely spent a small fortune cultivating a whole new kit while also buying a few new goodies for my personal stash, so here is a guide on what to buy while you still can!

Currently the Sephora sale will come to an end on Monday November 7th! Have you shopped the VIB sale before? If not, no worries there is a tier system to it, with a total of three levels/tiers.

First, we have Beauty Insider which takes no money to sign up and is an automatic 10 percent off your total purchase! This is even a huge savings when it comes to buying from some of these more luxury brands, especially brands such as:

Dior, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Nars, and so many more options!!

It basically has become a paradise for every known woman, whether you wear makeup on the daily, enjoy the occasional skincare, or even have the ultimate glam 24/7!

Next, we have VIB level which brings you in at a discount of 15 percent off to earn this level you need to spend a total of 350.00$ a year.

Lastly, we have top tier of Rouge, the ultimate level of savings and excitement for someone like me who obsesses over every product she can! With a total savings of 20 percent off your total ticket, SAY WHAT?

Here is a screenshot from my Sephora app to keep up with all the amazing deals, now on to the best part, the shopping!!!!

I figured I would go into detail about my top five recommendations, but I will create a list at the base for all that I recommend.

First, my holy grail selection, and an ever consistent in both my kit and personal use!

The Tatcha Liquid Silk Canvas Primer

Photo pulled from Google for reference

Offering you a glow from within priming, while also smoothing pores which is truly an amazing quality to have in a first base product. Not only that but the way the product lays on the skin is an experience in itself, it brings an almost softening effect which I believe is what really helps in smoothing the pores. Naturally I could make this a post alone about this product, but let's just say buy the product for yourself and let it do all the talking.

Price- 54.00$

Coming in at a hot second Stila Shimmer & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow's

Photo pulled from the Sephora App for reference

My top shades I often use are Kitten, Starlight, and there is also Kitten Karma which is in a glitter formula. I'm not talking kiddie glitter I am talking the sun has come beaming down on me as I walk down the aisle to my lover, and they hear angel's glitter!

Though these are not the most expensive product I will ever recommend I do love buying these in bulk during the sale. Due to the amazingly smooth texture, it doesn't crease and the shine that these shimmer formulas bring is always a win in my book! Almost every client I work on I will layer one of these underneath a shimmer shadow from a palette to give you an angelic softness.

Price- 24.00$

This product coming in at number three is not placed here because of performance, because when I tell you I love these with my whole being it is not a lie!

Natasha Denona Glam Palette, or any of her eyeshadow palettes really, you cannot go wrong!

Pictured pulled from Google for reference

With a multi formula palette like this it has truly been a showstopper for myself and my clients, especially when it comes to the shimmers. They pack a punch while not straying too far from where you have placed them, which pays for itself! The mattes also tend to be buttery smooth and allow you blend out easily, but if you're looking for a smokier look you can still really build up color. Needless to say, this palette and its counterpart the Bronze are always a one stop shop for me when it comes to bridal parties. Even though the price range may seem high I would still pay the money for these it just becomes an added bonus to buy them during the sale and receive a discount!

Price- 69.00$

Moving on to a strong number four with a cult classic with a twist!

The Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray

Photo sourced from Sephora App to show the duo

See what mean when I say with a twist? That's right, if you go to Sephora now you can come in and get two for\a low price but then stacking the Sephora sale on top brings you even bigger savings! I truly do love this time of year, so much so, that it comes close to how much I love this product. Offering you long lasting makeup for any wild night out or in, chooser's choice! While yes it does bring you 16 hours of wear it is never sticky nor heavy on the skin so you can still feel fresh on your adventure's. Giving a natural finish as well that is neither matte nor dewy, it can soften any look offering an almost smoothness to the finished look.

Price- 49.00$

Now of course coming in last but certainly NOT least. (because I am obsessed)

Patrick Ta Major Sculpt Creme Contour and Bronzer

One of the many things I love about this specific product is that it has both a creme and powder formula in one compact. What this offer's to makeup artist like me and consumers yourself is flexibility, and that is major when it comes to a beauty product. Especially when we have an industry that is flooded with so many amazing products. As you can see the creme is slightly off color compared to the powder and that is due to Patrick Ta wanting to have a contour shade in the creme and a powder bronzer. Basically, the creme will have a cool tone effect to create depth and sculpting/shadowing, then the powder is what brings warmth and life back to the face. Essentially you are getting two products that offer two different effects and to me that is a major win!

Price- 38.00$

Are you excited to go shopping yet? I sure hope you are because I have already made two order's and I cannot wait to get my hands on it all!

Be sure to check in later for a haul video on my Instagram @Beautyontheblockofficial there you will get all the details on what is new or restocked.

As always continue to show your beauty,


All photos sourced from Sephora App

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