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The New Southern Belle

The month of March was the birth of Blush and Glow Wedding Co...

The dream had officially become reality, and we just knew our first step was to plan a styled shoot! It was our modern way of entering our team into society as one would have done back in the day of coming of age. Times where skills and talents were put on display for all to see.

Naturally we had to be quick in the planning, because we are creatives, and creatives well....

We tend to get a little excited when you let us out of the box, and we have to bring forth what's in our head out into the open before we combust.

Within three months we found all that we could possibly fit into our very first styled shoot as a hostess.

The venue was easy it was the first decision of many that felt as right as the next breath. Its beautiful bridal suite had enough space to carry our whole team, as well as three photographers and one videographer. The fit was comfortable, and the creative juices were overflowing, Legacy Acres truly was our dream venue in this southern belle story.

Between the well-manicured lawns, the old plantation styled columns we knew it would be picture perfect.

This stunning picture is done by: Kimberly Christopher

We are not associated with her in this specific collaboration but adored the way she captured Legacy Acres Ballroom.

Listed team members in picture above: Left lower corner Grace, Top left corner Haley (co-owner), Right lower corner Emily, Top right corner Myself (co-owner)

Missing: Michelle

This project was bigger than we had expected, but walking away from it we knew this was the perfect start to Blush and Glow Wedding Co.

Seeing our team come together for the first time, had been a dream come true, we were only missing one team member (sick due to covid.) As the team came together, we watched as everyone worked together flawlessly, you could see the passion all over the room!

It was like a high and we all said this is what we could do forever!

Do you see that lighting?

Legacy Acres offered us a stunning space when it comes to getting ready, which as you know is major bonus points as a MUA. Not only is the lighting superb but the entire space offers unlimited comforts to the entire bridal party!

A breakfast suite that offers all the amenities besides an oven to have the perfect Bridal Brunch, which you know we just had to do ourselves. It offered the perfect set up for a waffle bar and sweet treats set up, we even had a fridge to store the perfect refreshments. Not to mention the tall windows offered the perfect shot of our set up!

Pictures above are from the fabulous Allie Atkisson @AllieAtkissonimaging

Just to show you some of the talent that attended and helped with our shoot here is a mini gallery!

The ever-growing list of our vendors truly made my heart spin out of control, the responses from beginning to end were overwhelming. I woke up the next day not truly believing that I could be to this point in my career offering something as big as this. To lead a team of talented artist's and to provide a day full of amazing content for each vendor, that spoke volumes to my inner child.

Such as:

Photographers- Sarah Caldwell, Allie Atkinson, Faith Ealy

Videographer- Madeline Brindley

Dresses- The Bridal Cottage

Cookies- Three Best Bakery

Flowers- Vase and Vine

Stationary- Siler's Designs

The Final Look-

Finally, I want to take the time to thank everyone who showed support and love for the Blush and Glow styled shoot, without you we would not be here. Without you our passion would be put on the back burner, and I would not be living my ultimate dream.

As always, all the love,

Beauty on the Block

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